Incredible Affiliate Program

eToro Partners – Make the Most From Your Traffic! eToro Partners is your chance to become an affiliate of the ground breaking eToro forex trading platform. Since eToro is a unique product, it requires a unique forex affiliate program to go with it.

At eToro Partners - innovation is key. We don’t try to keep up with the competition; we create inventive ways to overtake it. This is manifested

in our company-client relations with our affiliates, in the tools we put at our affiliates’ disposal, and in our commitment to keep developing both our facilities and our partnerships.

At eToro Partners affiliates enjoy:

    • Lucrative reward plans including up to $200 CPA and 25% RevShare
    • 2nd tier commissions of 20% for all your sub affiliates
    • Easy and punctual payments
    • Personal account managers
    • Helpful performance analysis tools that enable you to optimize your promotions
    • A huge and constantly replenished resource of creative marketing tools including marketing tools for recruiting affiliates
    • Promotional materials in over 12 languages

The eToro platform started a revolution in the forex trading industry by opening the gates of the forex market to non professional traders. With eToro’s patent trade visualizations, novice traders who have never heard of the forex market before can start trading right away and learn from their experience.

eToro’s user friendly interfaces also makes the platform highly appealing to expert traders, who can use state of the art professional forex tools incorporated into an intuitive user flow, so they can concentrate on what’s happening in the market instead of figuring out how the platform works.

eToro has also added a community element to forex trading by furbishing the platform with chats, forums, and an insight into how the top traders trade. These features also make it easier for novice traders to learn the tricks of the trade and become integrated into a forex trading community.
This innovative approach to forex trading has quickly propelled eToro to be the number one forex trading platform online, and to supply eToro affiliates with unbeatable conversion rates.

The Evolution of Forex Trading Industry

With a daily turnover of over $3.2 trillion, as estimated by The Bank of International Settlement, the Forex market has quickly become the world`s biggest and most liquid financial market. Nevertheless, it is a market that has up until now allowed very narrow access to private traders, since it customarily uses terminology and procedures that can take years to grasp.

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Legit PTC Updates 2010

After 2.5 month I was joining in PTC programs and right now I would give updates about legit PTC program, watch list PTC and scam. Before you join in PTC site, please remember to search information about this site from google or going to their forum. For the legit PTC that I have released has some criterias: stable in server, true payment for their member, have an active forum and also instant payment. Here they are my List of Legit PTC 2010:

  • # 1 (NeoBux is absolutely cool in PTC. Don't hesitate to rent refferal on this site)
  • Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) per click.
  • Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) for every ad your referrals click.
  • Payments via PayPal also AlertPay
  • Very recommended

  • # 2 (Remember to join Palmbux here)
  • Earn up to $0.02 (2 US cents) per click.
  • Earn up to $0.01 (1 US cent) for every ad your referrals click.
  • Instant Payments Process using PayPal and AlertPay.
  • The minimum payout is $2 and Instantly

  •  # 3 (to join JPHFBUX here)
  •  Earn Between $ 0.001 to $ 1.00 per click
  •  Upgrade your account in just $ 12.00
  •  Instant payments process using PayPal and AlertPay
  •  Minimum cashout is $1.0 accumulated

  • # 4 (to join click here)
  •  You can earn up to $ 0.01 per click and $ 0.01 per click for your refferal makes
  •  Instant payments process using PayPal and AlertPay
  •  Minimum cashout is $ 4.0 accumulated as soon as you reach

  •  # 5 (to join here)
  •  Earn Between $0.01 per ad click you've click and $0.005 per referral ad click
  •  Instant payments process using PayPal and AlertPay
  •  Minimum cashout is $2.0 accumulated

  •  # 6 (to join here)
  •  Paid to Click
  •  Paid to Sign Up
  •  Traffic Exchange
  •  PTP up to $0.20 CPM
  •  10% Downline Earnings
  •  Minimum cashout is $1.00 accumulated using PayPal or AlertPay
    No Minimum Cashout PTC

  •  # 7 (to join here)
  •  Get Paid To Click & View Websites, Paid To Read Ads
  •  Daily Contests with cash & credits prizes
  •  Lifetime bonuses according to personal earnings.
  •  50% Referral Earnings, Low $0.01 PayPal, AlertPay Payout within an hour

  • # 8 (to join EarnEasyCash.Info here)
  • Upgraded Premium Member only $1 then you will be able to withdraw with No Minimum
  • You will earn 20% of your referrals PTC earnings as a basic member
  • Instant payments process using PayPal and AlertPay
  • Minimum cashout is $0.9 for a basic member

Watch List !!!

  • you can join but do not invest to this site until their admin clearing all the member
  • Earn Between $0.01 per ad click you've click and $0.005 per referral ad click
  • Instant payments process using PayPal and AlertPay
  • Minimum cashout is $2.0 accumulated
Scam PTC
If you are already registered in these PTC ( see the list below), I suggested to stop. Don't waste your time to click their ads or investing your money to their site. These PTC is totally scam. You would never pay from them
  • htttp://