A 55 Year Old Grandmother in Jail Only Because of Taking Three Cocoa Bean

In contrast to the fate of the corruptors who are always above the law, because of taking three cocoa bean in the plantations region, Minah (55) an old grandmother in Banyumas, Central Java, had to undergo trial in the Court of Purwokerto. Although threatened 6-month prison, the grandmother could only surrender, because she does not understand about the law and she also does not have any money to pay of a lawyer for assistance.

According Minah, while worked on plantations owned by PT Astra, Minah found three fallen cocoa beans. Then she took the third seed to be cultivated. But Minah actions known to the plantation foreman and reported to the police.

Here the video that I was took from

Since the case turned over to prosecutors, Minah punished under house arrest for more than a month.

We hope Minah would be released soon. Because humanitarian factors into account and also the age of the defendant. Before this case turned over to prosecutors, Minah has already initiating to apologize to the plantations company. But the plantations never forgave to Minah with the reason for making lesson to other thief.

Spice Girl - Viva Forever

Viva Forever from Spice Girl is my favourite song. This song remind me when I still on High School. And I do not know, while I heard this song as if I got spirit to see the world. I've posted this song for GoenduL.Net Music Monday. I hope you like it and together with me try to recollect our past memories to get spirit for the day. 

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Body is The Sacret of God Conveyance

Actually, all of human are religious. They will always strive to invent a meaningful of world. When people are happy and contented, they tend to take life for granted. It is when they suffer or find life difficulty, they will begin to search for reason and a way out of their difficulty. They may ask why some are born in poverty and suffering, while others are born in fortunate circumstances. Some people believe that it is due to fate, chance or invisible power beyond their control. Birth, growth, maturation and death are being a part of the continuing process of change. It is a mysterious thing that always cycles.

Body is the sacred of God conveyance and also as the symbol of crime. As a 'flesh', body is a place for soul to study and also as the salvation obstacles. Our physical health and salvation have mutually connected, but the siccknes of bodily has indicated as the religious temptations sign or in the other words as the evidence curse of the God (Turner, 2006:11). Some of the stories tell us about Jesus and the propet of Moslem that is not perfectly person as physical. The limitation of our body is wrong, because the religion study precisely mention that our body is formed by ourselves experiences about the parodies of existence (Vermes, 1973).

Indeed, the body is a symbol -and not an allegory- of the mind. Deeply and genuinely felt emotion, and even genuinely felt thought, is expressed in our whole organism. In the case of the universal symbol, we find the same connection between mental and physical experinece. Certain physical phenomena suggest by their very nature certain emotional and mental experiences and we expres emotional experiences in the language of physical experiences that is to say symbolically (Borges: 1979).

According to Borges, belief and rituals are the two main concerning to find meaning of the human existance. 'The Elementary Form' explained that truthfully, religion is not contained belief in Gods or the Holy Spirit, but it is established on the distinction categories between the profane realities and the sacred world. Faithful, mythology, dogma and the legends are the representation systems which are expressing the sacred things, quality and intregrated of the sacred powers, or the relation among of them and the profane things (Durkeim, 1961: 52).

Our understandings about religion not reach out as naive. However, it were going by intermediary traditional perspectives or the discourses which are controlling our mind to receive and explain another cultures and faith system (Turner: 2006)


Borges, L. John. 1979. Labyrinths. Harmondsworth
Durkheim, E. 1961. The Elementary Forms of Religious Life. New York
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Vermes, G. 1973. Jesus the Jew. Harmondsworth

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