A 55 Year Old Grandmother in Jail Only Because of Taking Three Cocoa Bean

In contrast to the fate of the corruptors who are always above the law, because of taking three cocoa bean in the plantations region, Minah (55) an old grandmother in Banyumas, Central Java, had to undergo trial in the Court of Purwokerto. Although threatened 6-month prison, the grandmother could only surrender, because she does not understand about the law and she also does not have any money to pay of a lawyer for assistance.

According Minah, while worked on plantations owned by PT Astra, Minah found three fallen cocoa beans. Then she took the third seed to be cultivated. But Minah actions known to the plantation foreman and reported to the police.

Here the video that I was took from

Since the case turned over to prosecutors, Minah punished under house arrest for more than a month.

We hope Minah would be released soon. Because humanitarian factors into account and also the age of the defendant. Before this case turned over to prosecutors, Minah has already initiating to apologize to the plantations company. But the plantations never forgave to Minah with the reason for making lesson to other thief.