Suramadu Bridge - The New Destination for Tourism in Surabaya

This is the new destination place for tourism in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Suramadu Bridge is the longest bridge in Indonesia right now. Suramadu Bridge is a bridge across the Madura Strait, connecting the island of Java (in Surabaya) and the island of Madura (in Bangkalan, precisely east Kamal), Indonesia. The bridge Long is 5.438 meters and width 30 meters with consists of three main parts, causeway, main bridge and Approach Bridge. This bridge is using concrete box buffer constructions with 80 meters in length and 7 spans each side of the pillar foundation supported 180 cm in diameter. The highway construction uses the PCI buffer length of each span 40 meters of steel pipe supported by a foundation 60 cm in diameter.

Approach bridge, the main bridge connecting the highway. The bridge consists of two parts with each length of 672 meters. The main bridge or bridge consists of three parts namely along the two side spans 192 meters and a main span 434 feet long. The main bridge using a cable stayed construction supported by the twin towers as tall as 140 meters. The floor construction of the bridge using a 2.4-meter-thick composite

Beside of give an advantages progress in east java, Suramadu bridge is also become the new tourism icon of Indonesia especially Surabaya-East Java. Almost a thousand people from around Indonesia come to this place to look at the beautiful view of Madura Island from the top of the bridge. The top is there on middle of the bridge. It is almost 35 meters from the sea level and it also used to accommodate cruise ships that cross the Strait of Madura.

Most people come to Suramadu Bridge are to see sunset and take a different experience passing by the longest bridge in Indonesia. Feeling the breeze and breathe the sea air. Take a look at the pillar bridge that was very amazing. And of course do not forget to bring camera photos for your trips.