The Crazy Style of Lady Gaga

The ‘Just Dance' singerLady Gaga’ who’s well known as the Sexy Lady makes a new sensation yesterday. She was naked on the dance floor! Wearing underwear and bra with opened jacket. This is not accident. She was aware with her actions. It’s happens on the night club when she had finished concert on Stockholm, Sweden. We don’t know what she had done! As the famous star, she shouldn’t do like that. As the public figure, she has no public ethics in her style. Is not it would be hurt mom's heart who have son which become a fans of Gaga? How if their son copy paste Gaga’s fashion style? How if their husband interested in about Gaga's naked style ? It is very ridiculous and we hope never happens on our family.

Everyone those become a public figure should have a good moral and ethics in their life. Because, they have so much follower or fans that have loyal to them. No matter what the celebrities done, would better if they reconsidering of their fashion style before going into the public spaces. They have to, because the fans are always notice and copying their style and action.

In my opinion, Lady Gaga is the failure symbol of public figure. If it is purposing to make popularity, why did she had to be lose control? You might be able to be the one in the world if you be usefulness for everyone.  We hope Gaga will stop her bad attitude anymore because it would be nothing for her career. Gaga is a good artist singer. So, it would be nice if make it better in her fashion style.