Indonesia News Today - Aceh’s Earthquake Disaster 7.2 Scale Richter

GoenduL.Net - Latest News Today, May 9, 2010, Aceh was experienced the earthquake 7.2 Scale Richter. According to the news release from Indonesia Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency, the disaster were located on 66 km from Meulaboh, 110 km from Blangpidie, 126 km northwest from Labuhanhaji, and 138 km northwest from Sinabang or 3,61 North Latitude (NL) and 95,84 East Longitude (EL). The earthquake was on 30 km in sea depth. The earthquake was shaking on surround Aceh. The Aceh citizens were shock and panic while the disaster happens. Luckily, there are no victims claimed by this nature incident. Meanwhile, some houses in the district West Aceh and Nagan Raya had minor damaged.
Those people who lived in the bank of beach running out to leave their home. It was reasonable because the earthquake with 7.2 Scale Richter very potential to become Tsunami.

The Aceh’s government tried to calm down their societies by releasing news report on local radio. The government said that ‘The current disaster wouldn’t make Tsunami anymore’. They also asked to the people in order to keep alert.

Even though there is no victims were reported, we are really sorrow with situation of our brother on Aceh. We must support them with everything that we can do. The head of Indonesia Red Cross Nagan Raya district, Ardiansyah has reporting to the media, ‘Currently, The Red Cross team was there on location to evacuate if any victims were found and also evaluating if any potentially damaged by these disaster